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One Village At a Time

The last few months have been an incredibly exciting time for BoxHouse as we rapidly expand our innovative affordable housing solutions across West Texas. Our mission from day one has been to challenge the status quo and reimagine housing – providing attractive, high-quality homes at reasonable price points for families, workers, remote employees, and anyone struggling with the region’s limited inventory.

Where We Started – BoxHouse Village Monahans

After breaking ground in 2023, BoxHouse’s flagship 48-unit tiny home village in Monahans rapidly took shape. By October, the first residents were moving into this innovative affordable housing community situated in the heart of the Permian Basin oil country of West Texas.

Despite its remote location, the Monahans BoxHouse Village has been an overwhelming success from day one. Since December 2023, it has maintained full occupancy – housing a mix of oilfield workforce, remote workers, traveling families and more.

What’s most remarkable is how many residents have opted to stay long-term in these compact 380 square foot tiny homes. Some have called the village home for over 4 months at a time while working in the area. Yes, living full-time in a 380 sq ft BoxHouse! The homes provide a personal full-sized kitchen, washer/dryer, bathroom with shower, and VIP parking. Privacy fences are currently in the works as well, with plans to add BBQ areas and other amenities for guests to enjoy.

The positive reception underscores BoxHouse’s ability to offer an affordable extended-stay living solution superior to cramped “man-camps” and limited motels across the region’s deserted oil towns. By delivering smartly-designed personal spaces with home-like amenities, these tiny homes provide comfortable long-term living rarely found in workforce housing.

Monahans has proven there’s demand for compact but delightful living experiences at an accessible price point. As BoxHouse prepares to expand across West Texas and beyond, this flagship village will be a model for the future of micro-communities.

West Texas Testimonials:

Head back to our website to find video testimonials from our Texas residents. We are thankful for their willingness to share their message with the rest of you, and we can’t wait to continue providing!

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Expanding West

Beyond Monahans, our vision is just beginning to unfold at an even larger scale. Construction is now underway on our ambitious 166-unit Pecos project, which will combine 120 BoxHouse tiny homes with 46 RV lots to create a truly unique master-planned community.

The 120 tiny homes will provide complete self-contained living spaces in BoxHouse’s standard 380-square-foot design. Integrated alongside dedicated RV parking spots, it creates flexible extended-stay options all in one neighborhood.

With foundations already being laid, the Pecos BoxHouse Village is on track to begin welcoming residents by the end of May 2024. This unique blending of tiny homes and RV accommodation is a pioneering model that will shape future developments across the region and beyond.

What started as an innovative tiny home concept is rapidly emerging as a revolutionary solution to the region’s housing needs – one BoxHouse village at a time.

Collaborative Ventures

Not only are we embarking on new BoxHouse Village developments in locations like Pecos, extending our modern tiny home solutions to more residents, but we are also supplying units for various third-party ventures across Texas.

50 units – in Big Springs, TX

50 units – in Briggs, TX

These partnerships with investment groups like Big Star allow BoxHouse’s innovative tiny home concepts to integrate into existing residential communities across the state. By thinking beyond our own village developments, we’re able to make affordable, comfortable housing more ubiquitous for Texans through creative implementation models.

Wondering Why West Texas?

To better understand why BoxHouse’s affordable housing solutions are in high demand across the Permian Basin oil region, check out these relevant links:

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Record Oil Production in 2024

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What is the Longevity of West Texas?

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