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How Soon Can I Get My BoxHouse?

BOXHOUSE is currently fulfilling orders within 30-60 days. Free delivery within 100 miles of St. George, UT.

How Much Does a BoxHouse Cost?

BOXHOUSE offers a rent-to-own program, similar to a 30-year mortgage. Only there is no credit qualification process. The monthly payment for a BoxHouse is only $670 per month. It is fixed and will never go up.

Do You Sell BoxHouse's Outright?

Currently, no. Demand for BOXHOUSE is so high that we are prioritizing our rent-to-own customers. The impetus for our company was to fill a need for the current housing market crisis – not many homes available at an affordable price for people who need them.

Can I Sub-Lease?

Yes, you can sub-lease at any time if you decide to move on from your BOXHOUSE at some point. You can even get a BoxHouse with the intention of sub-leasing to a long-term renter or to use as a nightly rental. In most areas around the country, you will have a nice monthly cash-flow that will be yours to keep.

What is the Cost to Just Buy One?

Currently, we are only offering our rent-to-own program. We have so many people that want an affordable monthly payment and we are servicing them first to offer affordable housing for everyone. If you’d like to submit your contact information, we can let you know if we end up with any inventory available for purchase. This does happen from time-to-time and you may join our waitlist.

Can I Get Paid to Promote BoxHouse?

Yes. When your contact’s BoxHouse gets delivered, you will earn $1,000.

What Are the BoxHouse Specs?

Our current model is 19 x 20, with 380 sq’ of living space.

How Much is Shipping?

Within 100 miles of St. George, delivery and setup is included in your $670/mo payment. Outside of that, custom delivery quotes are provided – usually somewhere within $3-$10 per mile.

Who Installs BoxHouse?

You can hire a local installer. Generally, any handyman can do this. BoxHouse is available for support.

How Long Does it Take to Install?

Generally just 1-2 days!

How Finished is BoxHouse?

Pretty move-in ready! Although it does not come with furniture, it does come with the cabinets, appliances, bathroom set up, electric, flooring, and windows. As long as you have your utility and plumbing lines ready, all you need now is furniture and decorations!

What Kind of Land Preparation Do I Need?

All that is needed is a level ground area that has been cleared. No cement foundation is necessary as BoxHouse rests on a floating foundation.

What About Utilities?

You are responsible to bring utilities to BoxHouse. We are not involved in the process of bringing utilities to it, though we do provide all of the electrical and plumbing components you will need to plug in. Alternatively, we offer solar package upgrades for off-grid, grid, or hybrid power.

What About Heat and Air-Conditioning?

Each BoxHouse comes with an energy-efficient mini-split for heating and air conditioning.

Do I Need a Permit?

In most areas, permits are necessary. Please click the following link for assistance with those questions through, or your local city jurisdiction as every area is going to have different regulations and allowances.

Is BoxHouse Stackable?

Our current model of BoxHouse is not stackable or connectable side-by-side.

Is BoxHouse Customizable?

Not from the factory. In an effort to make an affordable home, these models are cookie- cutter.

Is There a BoxHouse Model I Can See in Person?

Yes! We have models in Hurricane, UT and Ivins, UT. Please call (435) 222-0913 or email to arrange a visit.

What is the Life Expectancy of my BoxHouse?

We expect BoxHouse to last longer than traditional stick-model housing. BoxHouse is made of steel, so it is not as subject to weather conditions, mold, rot, fire, etc.