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Here, you will find answers to most of our commonly asked questions.

These innovative and sustainable living spaces redefine the concept of tiny home living. Crafted with cutting-edge design, BoxHouse provides a unique solution for those seeking a harmonious balance between functionality and a minimalist lifestyle.

What are BoxHouse specs?

Our current model is 19’ x 20’, with 380 square feet of living space.

How finished is BoxHouse upon completion?

Our BoxHouses are carefully designed, fully furnished, and ready to welcome you home. From cabinets to blinds, appliances to plumbing, bathrooms to kitchens, tankless water heaters to mini splits, electrical components to insulation, and windows to flooring – every element is expertly installed and operational upon completion. 

Is there a model I can see in person?

Yes! We have completed models in Utah and Texas. Please call (435) 222-0913 or email to arrange a visit.

Are there multiple layouts for a BoxHouse?

Yes! We have a one-bedroom layout with a few different floor plans, a two-bedroom option, and a studio-style bunkhouse. We also offer multiple kitchen, bathroom, and flooring options as well. Inquire for details and check out our photo gallery to see the variations. Our team is constantly implementing innovative ideas to expand the concept of what a BoxHouse can be.

Can I customize my own BoxHouse?

While BoxHouses are not customizable at the factory level, this deliberate design choice stems from our commitment to delivering affordable housing solutions. These models are crafted with a standardized approach to ensure cost-effectiveness, resulting in a somewhat “cookie-cutter” configuration. However, it’s worth noting that post-purchase customization options may be available to cater to individual preferences and needs, and that we do have multiple layouts available.

What about utilities?

Like an RV, a BoxHouse can be hooked up to standard utilities. Additionally, we offer solar packages for off-grid living!

What about AC / Heating?

Each BoxHouse comes with an energy-efficient mini-split for heating and air conditioning.

How energy efficient is a BoxHouse?

We understand the importance of energy efficiency and sustainability, so our BoxHouses are equipped with energy-efficient tankless water heaters, mini-split systems, and clothes dryers. All BoxHouse roofing features a protective layer of roVa Shield Aerogel Insulation Coating, generously applied to guarantee long-lasting durability. We apply closed-cell insulation to ensure your home is comfortable and environmentally friendly. Additionally, you can use tint and/or low emissivity windows to optimize energy efficiency, helping you save on utility bills while ensuring your privacy and creating a cozy, inviting atmosphere.

The image comparison below shows the heat reduction we achieve with professionally installed, high-performance window film.

What is the life expectancy of a BoxHouse?

BoxHouse is designed for enhanced durability compared to traditional stick-model housing. Constructed with steel, it boasts greater resilience against weather conditions, mold, rot, fire, and more.

Are BoxHouses resistant to extreme weather conditions (Wind, Snow, Fire, Mold, Etc)?

BoxHouse is designed to withstand hurricanes and snow loads and incorporates robust fire-resistant engineering. Crafted from powder-coated tubular steel, it offers superior resilience against adverse weather conditions, mold, rot, and fire hazards.

Standard Structural

The standard BoxHouse has been structurally validated for Wind Speeds up to 150mph and Snow Loads of 65psf, per the ASCE 7-16 Building Code. Site-specific stamped engineering documentation is available for all 50 states for use in the building permit process. Standard and custom foundation design packages are also available. The BoxHouse exceeds the seismic requirements of all locations in Hawaii and California.

Custom Structural

Structural engineering documentation is available for custom BoxHouse systems. Examples include stacked units, customized gable roof systems, and patio/awning extensions. Site-specific stamped documents for the structure and foundation are available.

High Snow Load

Structural engineering documentation is available for custom BoxHouse systems in high snow load (>65psf) locations.

Engineering provided by:

Please review a sample of our certified documentation by clicking the link below.


Do you offer location-specific engineering certifications and documentation?

Yes, we offer location-specific engineering certifications and documentation for an additional fee.

Our current estimate for doing site-specific engineering in all 50 states is:

  • Structural – $3,575
  • Foundation – $1,625

Engineering provided by:

To request site-specific engineering, please click the link and complete the form.

Engineering Request

Can you ship a BoxHouse internationally?

We offer worldwide shipping! Cover the shipping costs, and we’ll deliver your order to any destination.

Can I place a BoxHouse on my own property?

Zoning regulations vary for different locations, you can research these regulations on your local government website. We will have additional resources available when our purchase options are available.

Are there options for an add on casita, shed, patio, etc?

Most expandable options are available through third-party contractors. BoxHouse offers multiple flooring styles, storage containers, and side-by-side add-on configurations.

Is there an option for an off-grid BoxHouse?

Absolutely! Our BoxHouse offers an off-grid lifestyle package for those dedicated to remote areas. These packages are accessible to you with our purchase options, ensuring you have the autonomy to live off the grid sustainably and efficiently.

Check out the video below to see our available solar package!

What kind of warranty comes with a BoxHouse?

Your BoxHouse comes with a 1-Year Limited Warranty which includes appliances, HVAC, structural defects, and more!

How is each BoxHouse manufactured?

Boxhouse features a powder-coated, robust tubular structural steel frame design meticulously crafted to endure challenging environmental conditions, surpassing the longevity of conventional stick-built structures. Our dedicated design and installation teams labor diligently to transform your BoxHouse into a personalized haven.

How long does it take for a BoxHouse to be built and ready for installation?

BoxHouse is currently the world’s fastest-constructed house! Our construction team excels in efficiency, allowing your BoxHouse to be move-in ready in a matter of days.

How long has BoxHouse been in business?

– Established July 2022 –

How many homes have you produced?

Over 400 houses have been produced, and more are going up weekly for our various projects & individuals around the nation.

What appliances are in the home?

  • Stainless Steel Fridge
  • Microwave
  • Cooktop
  • Washer
  • Dryer
  • Sink
  • Mini-Split AC/Heating
  • InstaHot Water Heater


From our BoxHouse Villages

This was a good place to stop for a quick night on our way across country. It’s easy access from interstate 20.

SheriStayed with a pet.

Our Utex rental was perfect. It was clean, spacious, comfortable and had all the amenities we needed to have dinner and accommodate my dogs.

LyndaStayed with a pet.

Check-in was a breeze. The room was very clean and the host responded quickly with any questions or concerns I had.

BrandonStayed several weeks.

This place was great perfect little space for me and my family of three, they always answered our messages right away and we’re very kind!

PeytonStayed with kids.

Everything was as advertised. All contact was friendly, and clear instructions were given for check-in & check-out. The area was quiet throughout the day and night.

MarenOne year on Airbnb

This place is amazing! Highly recommend it, look no further!! And the host is super responsive and very attentive to your needs!

RobertoStayed a week.

My stay at BoxHouse Villages was great! The place is brand new, very clean and quiet. The host was extremely responsive and helpful. Bed was comfy and there are nice amenities. Would stay here again.

SarahStayed with a pet.

Just as pictured. Thank you!

BryanStayed with a pet.

Great place to stay to get away! It's newer, and is so nice. The bed was super comfortable, and they kept in contact with me the whole time before check in and after! I'd stay here again.

ChristieFrom Watauga, TX

Awesome place and very cozy. one of the most unique places I've ever stayed at.

RichardFrom Girvin, TX

The house was beautiful, coffee was available, and kitchen was supplied. There are lots of good food places within a mile. We slept really good. No complaints. I would definitely stay here every time we pass through.

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Super clean, cute place to stay in an area without alot of options. We have stayed twice while traveling from Tx to Az and back and would recommend.

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