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Take a Tour

Chantelle invites you to take a tour of the inside of one of our BoxHouse models in St. George, Utah.

Solar Installation

BoxHouse is officially off-grid in Apple Valley, Utah. A special thanks to Zion Electric & Solar and Lion Energy.

BoxHouse Villages

Our first BoxHouse Village is in Monahans, TX. Comprised of 48 units, it benefits the workforce and hospitality housing in the Permian Basin.

BoxHouse Delivery

Hand delivering our BoxHouse to Apple Valley, UT.

Ivins Setup

Check out the installation of our Ivins, UT BoxHouse from installation to furnishing.

BoxHouse Footprint

Get a bird’s-eye view of our BoxHouse, revealing its compact footprint and smart use of space in your yard or property.

The Details

Explore the finer points of BoxHouse installation in our short video, highlighting the meticulous details.

Crane Placement

See our BoxHouse delivered with precision by a crane to its new home.

Setup Time Lapse

Watch the BoxHouse unfold before your eyes. See how simplicity meets sophistication as your space takes shape.

Forgot To Water The Plants

Rick Walker, head of IT and our in-house helicopter pilot, forgot to water the plants at BoxHouse, Apple Valley. So, he took a quick trip to tackle the task!

Digital Door Locks

How to use our new digital door locks.

Spray Foam Insulation

Watch as we use Closed Cell spray foam insulation to insulate our BoxHouses.

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